Hillary Drummond Simpson is an award-winning educator and author of How to Become a Successful Black Man. Her book, now being used as a resource guide by organizations like 100 Black Men, gives young black men role models from various fields. These men tell how they became successful, mistakes they made along the way and pertinent advice to young men as well as their parents.

Career Highlights

  • CEO HDS Enterprises, LLC
  • Teacher of the Year, 2013-2014
  • Founder ‘Boys to Men’ Newark Public Schools, Rockdale County
  • Host and Executive Producer of her own television show ‘Viewpoint with Hillary’.

A true advocate and supporter of African American young men,   Hillary is passionate about their education, life, and success. The website, How to Become a Successful Black Man.com and Facebook page are all there to celebrate and support their success. However, this interest started more than 20 years ago when Simpson noticed a recurring problem in most of the boys she taught. They wanted to have careers in entertainment or sports, they either want to be the next Jay-Z or Lebron. Puzzled about this, Hillary set out to do her own research and found it was the same in all three states she taught. These careers are the role models they see on television. Athletes and rappers in their eyes are ‘rich’, ‘famous’ and have a ‘great life’.

Most of all, ‘you don’t have to know math.’ This leads to many of our boys under-performing in school, dreaming about success and waiting to ‘blow up’ (be discovered).Meanwhile life happens. And since the odds of making it is one in a million, many of our boys end up in the penal system, dead, or become dead-beat dads.

In 2005, she established Boys to Men Mentoring Program where black boys are mentored by male leaders in the school, college and community. Boys to Men Night Out was created for boys to bond with the male role model in an educational setting. Monthly, boys get to dress up and spend the night out with an uncle, step dad or older brother, the venue being the media center or the school cafeteria. This would include several fun activities, dinner, boys’ performance, reading and completing a task together. The highlight of course is the guest speaker who encourages the role model on how to support the young man at home. According to Drummond Simpson, “Our families cannot continue to operate on fifty percent, we need our men to contribute the other fifty to make our families whole. We have to do everything to support, encourage, and lift up our men to take their leadership roles at home and in society.

• Bachelor of Science, Marketing and Management, New York University
• Master of Arts, Elementary Education, Adelphi University, NY
• Master of Science, Administration and Leadership, Kean University, NJ