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How to Get Into College…

First of all, Is College Worth It? Research shows that people with a college education earn nearly twice as much as those with only a high school diploma. Other research shows that people with a college education live longer, have better access to healthcare, are more...

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About Hillary

Hillary Drummond Simpson is an award-winning educator and author of How to Become a Successful Black Man. Her book, now being used as a resource guide by organizations like 100 Black Men, gives young black men role models from various fields. These men tell how they became successful, mistakes they made along the way and pertinent advice to young men as well as their parents.

New Book!

What Every Parent Need to Know for Success.  Expert advice from an award-winning educator for Preschool-high school. Middle-school are the toughest years for parents and their children. The author did a revealing study with middle-schoolers who tell their parents how they can be more supportive and help them to be more successful.

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